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Refund Policy

Refund Policy
No refunds are offered. Replacements are available as long as warranty has not ran out.
Replacements will only be given if:
- You have changed the accounts password and email address.
- If you have played at least one match after purchase.
- If the reason for ban is either "Purchase of an account" or "Use of a 3rd party program to level to 30" or the substantial equivalent.
- The account was not transferred from the region in which it was originally located.
- A copy of the ban notice and reason for the ban is forwarded to us within 15 days of the ban.
- You can provide us with the accounts data so we can manually check the ban.
- You have not already received a replacement account from us. Product warranties might have different binding periods with “Lifetime warranty” referring to warranty for as long as our website remains in operation. If any of these conditions are not met, the warranty will not apply. The warranty will never apply to bans that are due to your own behavior, which include, but are not limited to, bad behavior, hacking, or excessive cursing. There is a limit of one account replacement per account purchased. Riot Points spent on accounts that are subsequently banned will not be refunded under any circumstances, even if a new account is awarded. We only offer replacement for banned accounts - no refunds will be made. Bluesmurf reserves the rights to modify these agreements and terms and conditions at any time for no reason whatsoever - consumers are expected to remain updated on our policies and terms and conditions.