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Botted 40K+ BE (No Warranty) 2.00€
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Botted Capsule (No Warranty) 2.00€
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Botted 50K+ BE (No Warranty) 3.00€
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Botted 40K+ BE (Lifetime Warranty) 3.00€
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Botted Capsule (Lifetime Warranty) 3.00€
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Botted 50K+ BE (Lifetime Warranty) 5.00€

Why Choose Us?

We do our best to give fellow players the possibility to smurf at an affordable price!
We also try to give back to the community through multiple discounts & giveaways.

Ready To Use

Our accounts are ready to use, after your purchase you can instantly log into the game.

Live Chat

Our team is here for you, get in touch with us if you need any sort of assistance or support.

Lifetime Warranty

We want our clients to not worry while purchasing from us, thus we offer a free warranty.

Easy to Customize

After your purchase, you can easily edit the account settings and hop into a game.

Secure Transactions

We use the latest encryption technologies to process your transactions.

Complete Privacy

Your data is safe with us, you can buy your account in total anonymity.


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Client reviews


Already bought multiple accounts and it's really nice, often it has more blue essence than it says, that's something amazing! I Really recommend using this service. You can change email and password and this is good for this price.


Instant delivery and support should need be, so I cannot complain. Friendly folks and plenty of discounts and deals on their discord server.


Best quality and always super quick support responses if there is a problem. Also very nice shop and a nice community on Discord. Never buying anywhere else now! Also BlueGirl is super nice and friendly.

Frequently asked questions

Haven't found a suitable answer? Tell us what you need. Contact Support

Currently we offer payment via paypal and via crypto. Other options will be added at a later point!

Instantly! If you have signed up to our website you should see the account in your dashboard or if you havent you will receive an email with the data.

We can replace your account if you provide us with proof of the account getting banned for botting, but only during the warranty time! Refunds are not possible though.

Yes! you can always contact us on discord for a deal!

Due to our account's data being stored safely and untouched by anyone but the siteowner, it is impossible for anyone to either steal the accounts or the data being wrong.

Our accounts are botted with an undetected private botting software with a different IP for every account. The bot plays like an actual human and has over a 90% winrate. Every time the bot starts a new account it also changes its IP with a vpn software.